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Social Studies
Identity, Culture, and Organisation

Art and Photography

Episode 10: Angel of the Annunciation by Colin McCahon

Episode 19: Lisa Reihana

Episode 72: Burn My Head in Heaven


Episode 4: Rugby Ball and John Minto

Episode 14: Egyptian Mummy

Episode 23: Bathing Costumes

Episode 28: Replica Crown Jewels

Episode 29: Henry Fanshaw Bear

Episode 32: NZ Company Flag

Episode 35: Scottish Samplers

Episode 36: Play School Toys

Episode 37: Phar Lap Skeleton

Episode 43: Samurai Armour

Episode 76: 'Coming of Age' Treasures

Episode 80: Picture Perfect Dolls

Episode 88: Sister's Secret Stash

Episode 97: Caravan of Love

Episode 105: Amazon's Uniform

Episode 113: First Text in Te Reo

Natural Environment

Episode 5: Albatross

Pacific Cultures

Episode 8: Puffer Fish Helmet

Episode 9: Fijian War Clubs

Episode 15: Pisupo lua afe (Corned Beef 2000)

Episode 30: Samoan Cricket Bats

Episode 31: Chief Mourner's Costume

Episode 38: Tapa Cloth

Episode 48: Tuvalu Clothes

Episode 51: The Feathered Face of War

Episode 52: A Captain's Chiefly Gift

Episode 74: Sacred Masks

Episode 81: Stories Sewn in Quilts

Episode 86: Carving Family History

Episode 87: Tatau – Samoan Tattooing

Episode 103: P.A.C.I.F.I.C.A. Dresses

Episode 116: A Whale Tooth Tale

Episode 120: Kava Clubs and Black Fowls

Taonga Māori

Episode 2: Hei Tiki

Episode 3: Kahu Kurī

Episode 16: Poi Awe

Episode 24: Ta Moko Panel

Episode 33: Te Takinga Pataka

Episode 46: Child's Wrap

Episode 71: Cloak of Protection

Episode 75: Ancient Island Carvings

Episode 83: A Chiefly Sword

Episode 84: Carved in Skin

Episode 85: A Powerful Peacemaker

Episode 115: Keeping Kites Flying

Episode 117: More than Mere

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