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Patients of a Saint?

Episode:108Te Papa Collection:History

Suggested curriculum levels:4 – 8

Curriculum connections:English: Listening, Reading, and Viewing, Health and Physical Education: Healthy Communities and Environments

Description:Over 100 years ago, people didn't have easy access to doctors. If they were sick, they often had to rely on 'remedies' that may not have had any real medical value. Not all of the 'cures' on sale were fake, though.

Questions for students

  1. Why did people need to buy Sister Aubert's medicines? Based on what you've heard and what you know about New Zealand's history, describe the situations of some of her customers.
  2. Make a timeline that shows when and where Sister Aubert was living and working. When was her time of greatest production? When did she have to stop making her remedies?
  3. Sister Aubert was fluent in te reo Māori and knew a lot about rongoa Māori (Māori herbal remedies). How do you think she learned these things?
  4. What was unusual about the names Sister Aubert gave her medicines? Why do you think she was so secretive about them?
  5. There are several interesting words and expressions in this Tale that have a double or figurative meaning. Find examples and use the 'Words' response template to explore their meanings and derivations.

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