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A Soldier's Christmas

Episode:82Te Papa Collection:History

Suggested curriculum levels:4 – 7

Curriculum connections:English: Listening, Reading, and Viewing, The Arts: Understanding the Arts in Context, Social Sciences: Continuity and Change

Description:Peter McIntyre's painting of his batman, Cyril Hurne-Miller, is one of the most recognisable images of a Kiwi soldier during World War II. Find out how this image was shared with those back home.

Questions for students

  1. Explain the story of the soldier Christmas cards in your own words. Why are they considered 'iconic'?
  2. What was the role of a war artist? Does New Zealand still have an official war artist? How do we receive most images of war now?
  3. Watch Episode 50: Von Tempsky. Compare von Tempsky's role as an active soldier/artist with that of Peter McIntyre. What aspects of their work were the same? What aspects were different?
  4. The presenter comments on the amount of gear a soldier had to carry. Research what a modern-day soldier carries into battle. Does a modern soldier have an easier or harder load to carry than a soldier in World War II? Use the 'Then and now' response template to compare the changes to a soldier's equipment over time.
  5. Artists can play important roles in world affairs. Think about an artist's perspective on local or world events. How might this differ from the perspective of a politician or news reporter? Do you think artists can influence events by giving a different perspective?

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