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Te Takinga Pataka

Episode:33Te Papa Collection:Taonga Māori

Suggested curriculum levels:6 – 8

Curriculum connections:English: Listening, Reading, and Viewing, Social Sciences: Identity, Culture, and Organisation Continuity and Change

Description:This traditional storehouse or pataka, has clocked a few miles – 'Te Takinga' has been all the way to England and back. But one of its most important journeys was just down the street!

Questions for students

  1. Te Takinga Pataka has had an interesting history. List the main events in its history as shown in this Tale. Why does the presenter say the journey to Te Papa was 'one of its most epic journeys'? Do you agree?
  2. What features of the design of a pataka show us it was originally a storehouse for food? Explain the importance of these features. Carry out more research if necessary.
  3. Walter Buller bought the pataka over 100 years ago and eventually erected it on his property as 'a memorial for what he believed was a dying race.' From what you know of New Zealand's history, why might he have thought that? What evidence could show if this is or is not true today?
  4. Ngāti Pikiao travelled to Wellington to take Te Takinga Pataka back to Te Arawa. Why didn't they do what they had planned? Why did they accompany the pataka with warriors?
  5. What is the significance of this taonga for Ngāti Pikiao? What is its significance for all New Zealanders? Who should own and care for treasures like this? Discuss the role of a national museum as the keeper and protector of a taonga Māori. Use the 'Key questions' response template to ask these or similar questions. Use two or three sources to find information that will help shape your own opinions or answers.

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